7 Tips To Start A Business

Pemula nih haha tapi gapapa ya bagi-bagi tipss... mari kita gado-gado pake bahasa Indonesia and English hehe... For you who love to create something or love to something and somehow found ideas to innovate some chances, so you better start a business!

These are 9 tips to start a business you could consider:
1. Find Your Passion
What is your passion? What do you like and make a hobby? You really like the hobby? Then it could become your passion!
2. Write a Business Plan
To have a business you should have A Business Plan to know your strength
3. Find Your Brand Identity
You have selected items you wanna sell, but you should gives brand on it. So your product are unique!
4. Find Your Business Location
Is it online or offline? If online, create your website. If offline, choose the location wisely.
5. Find Mentors/Join Business Communities
The best mentors are those who have done what you are trying to accomplish now and will give you guidance what you should do and don't for your business. And you will get that mentors often at communities.
6. Studying Your Weaknesses
If you know what are your weaknesses, so you could minimize the risk you probably will face.
7. Work Out, Keep Growing The Innovation
Don't hesitate to take measurement risk if you sure that your decision are right one. It's ok to have trial and error. It is also very good for you to have some experience so you could improve yourself and your business aswell.

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