I think this one is sooo pretty! Kind of reminds me of the Red Outfit I created! With the red hijab, tunic, pumps and white pants! And I saw this picture AFTER I created the outfit! Talk about coincidental. ANNND talk about how you really CAN use a barbie doll to plan an outfit. Make sure it's a muslim barbie doll and not a bratz doll however, or you might just be asked, "how much?" OKOK i'm sorry !! apology for that unnecessary comment but yeah. Seriously.

This one is adorable too! I am loving the way the hijab is wrapped!! Notice how the hijab is just one of the minor colors in the top? Just like in the very first outfit I created!

Hijabifashionista rule #2:

Especially when it comes to being a hijabi, where we live all around the world, we're not always going to find a hijab store 3 doors down from sister aminah's house! SO, grab your credit card (or your parents) and start online shopping! It's like going to the mall, except your feet don't hurt! hehe

Hijabifashionista rule #3:

When you're a hijabi, and don't know what to wear.. just pick a nice hijab, keep the rest of your outfit simple (solid colors for instance) and you'll be fine. So, to sum it up - when in doubt, pick a nice hijab
Keep your hijab a solid color if the top you are wearing is printed. You can wear a printed hijab however, if the top is solid!


COol! A hijabifashionista tip inspired by a doll!

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